Irish Supreme Court Review - 2022 Volume 4



Editor: Dr Oran Doyle 

ISBN: 9781911611677 

Publishing: 12 May 2022 | Price Per Issue: €129


The Irish Supreme Court Review is published annually by Clarus Press on behalf of the School of Law, Trinity College, Dublin. It is a peer-reviewed legal journal, publishing articles that consider major themes in the work of the Court and its leading cases in the previous legal year. Articles are drawn from papers presented at the annual Conference of the Irish Supreme Court Review, including keynote contributions reflecting on the role of the Supreme Court, especially as it debates matters with other international and apex courts.


Volume 4, 2022 contains the following:




Quinn Insurance Ltd v PricewaterhouseCoopers |  Hilary Biehler

Damache v Minister for Justice and the inexorable march of fair procedures |  Laura Cahillane

Finding Stable Ground: The Supreme Court and the Non-Delegation Doctrine after Náisiunta Leictreacht v Labour Court, Minister for Business Enterprise, and Ireland [2021] IESC 36 |  Conor Casey

Zalewski: …… An Outpost at a Difficult and Indistinct Frontier | Michael Doherty

Getting the Reasoning Right: Gibbons v Doherty and ADT Investments Ltd [2020] IESC 72 |  Sarah E Hamill

Surveillance, Statutory Compliance And The Admissibility Of Evidence: DPP v Hannaway [2021] IESC 31 |  Liz Heffernan

Summary Possession Revisited Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank v Cody [2021] IESC 26 |  Karen Lynch Shally

The Same, but Different? Article 42A and the Threshold for State Intervention in Family Life | Conor O’Mahony

Cantrell v Allied Irish Banks Plc: A Discussion of Damage and A Conversation on Limitations |  Eoin Quill

University College Cork v Electricity Supply Board [2020] IESC 38 and [2021] IESC 21 | Desmond Ryan

Gorry v Minister for Justice and Equality [2020] IESC 55 | Gerry Whyte

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