Judicial Review -2nd edition



Publishing Spring 2024

By Conleth Bradley

Hardback: 9780414054486
ProView: 9780414104747
Print & ProView: 9780414104730


The second edition of Judicial Review by Conleth Bradley SC is completely revised and updated. It is divided into 9 Parts with 57 Chapters. The substantive part of the book provides the first comprehensive analysis of the constitutional foundations of judicial review. The text is comparative based, examining the influence of the common law from decisions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and other common law jurisdictions also the manner in which the United States Constitution has been interpreted by the US Supreme Court. It also examines how the Superior Courts in Ireland have used the reference procedure to the Court of Justice of the European Union across a range of areas (including environmental law, asylum law and challenges which arose from decisions taken during the financial crisis). The text analyses the jurisprudence of the Strasbourg Court in terms of human rights comparing same to the development of human rights jurisprudence under the Irish Constitution. For the first time in a judicial review text, the practice and procedure part of the book includes a detailed annotation of the relevant Rules of the Superior Courts 1986 (as amended) which govern judicial review practice and procedure and applicable practice directions. An additional chapter sets out suggestions for reform.

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