Keane on Company Law 6th ed



By Brian Hutchinson


ISBN13: 9781526521989

Previous Edition ISBN: 9781780435428

To be Published: June 2023

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional (Ireland)

Country of Publication: UK

Format: Hardback


This highly regarded and influential text is essential reading for company law students and practitioners, and is regularly cited with approval in Irish courts. The book provides guidance on every aspect of Irish company law from a company's formation to its winding up and examinership. It also examines the core areas of corporate personality, capital, borrowing, membership and administration.

The sixth edition retains the clear and navigable structure of previous editions and is updated to account for changes brought about by:



Covid measures

Companies (Statutory Audits) Act 2018

Companies (Accounting) Act 2017

Recent case law is also analysed, in particular in relation to directors' duties, company charges, liability of parent companies for subsidiaries, restriction and disqualification of directors and the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement.


Part I. Introduction

Chapter 1 Companies and Other Forms of Business Organisations

Chapter 2 The Development of Company Law in Ireland

Chapter 3 Irish Company Law and European Union Law


Part II. Formation of a Company

Chapter 4 How a Company is Formed

Chapter 5 The Constitution of the Private Company Limited by Shares

Chapter 6 The Constitutions of Companies other than LTDs

Chapter 7 The Promoters

Chapter 8 Flotation of a Company

Chapter 9 Application for and Allotment of Shares

Chapter 10 Commencement of Business


Part III. Corporate Personality of the Company

Chapter 11 Separate Legal Personality of the Company

Chapter 12 Contracts

Chapter 13 Civil and Criminal Litigation


Part IV. The Capital of the Company

Chapter 14 Types of Capital

Chapter 15 The Maintenance of Capital

Chapter 16 Alteration (Including Reduction) of Capital

Chapter 17 Shares

Chapter 18 Transfer and Transmission of Shares


Part V. Borrowing by the Company

Chapter 19 Borrowing Powers of the Company and the Directors

Chapter 20 Debentures and Charges

Chapter 21 Registration of Charges

Chapter 22 Receivers


Part VI. Membership of the Company

Chapter 23 Membership in general

Chapter 24 Disclosure of Interests in Shares and Debentures

Chapter 25 Meetings and Resolutions

Chapter 26 Majority and Minority Rights


Part VII. Administration of the Company

Chapter 27 The Directors

Chapter 28 The Secretary

Chapter 29 The Annual Return and Striking Off of Companies

Chapter 30 Accounts and Audit

Chapter 31 Dividends and Distribution of Profits

Chapter 32 Reorganisations, Acquisitions, Mergers and Divisions

Chapter 33 Fraudulent and Reckless Trading

Chapter 34 Market Abuse: Insider Dealing and Market Manipulation

Chapter 35 Investigation of a Company's Affairs


Part VIII. Winding up of Companies and Examinership

Chapter 36 Winding up by the Court

Chapter 37 Examinership

Chapter 38 Voluntary Winding up

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