Law And Government



Editor: Blathna Ruane

Editor: David Barniville

Editor: James O'Callaghan

Publisher: Round Hall

Publication Date: 24/11/2014

ISBN: 9781858007137

Series: A Tribute to Rory Brady

Jurisdiction: Ireland


-Rory Brady SC: A Portrait

David Barniville and Jim O Callaghan


-Terrorism and the rule of law: A European perspective

Rory Brady


-Reflections on the limits to the law’s ambitions

Michael McDowell


-Changing the rules of the political game

Noel Whelan


-The changing face of law and legal regulation

Paul Gallagher


-The relationship of the Attorney General to bar and bench

Hugh Geoghegan


-Judges: Institutional independence and financial security

Brian Murray


-The State in International Litigation - the capacity to sue other Member States of the EU before International Tribunals - the MOX litigation

Paul Sreenan


-Public policy constraints in International Commercial Arbitration: competition law, private choices and mandatory rules

Michael M. Collins


-Reflections on the role of mediation in resolution of disputes

Turlough O Donnell


-The Most Curious Forerunner - to the fundamental rights provisions in the 1937 Constitution

Donal O’Donnell


-The Influence of the continental constitutional tradition on the drafting of the Constitution

Gerard Hogan


-Democratic control and constitutional Referenda - the failure of the popular initiative mechanism for Constitutional Referenda under the Irish Free State Constitution

Blathna Ruane

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