Malton’s Views of Dublin: The Story of a Georgian City



Published by Martello Publishing

Edited by Trevor White



Georgian Dublin Encapsulated in a Handsome New Collection - Ideal for Christmas


Malton's infamous Dublin vistas celebrated with top-quality illustrations and contextualised with lively, insightful commentary from Trevor White and renowned contributors David Dickson, Graham

Hickey, Merlo Kelly, Kathryn Milligan and Diarmuid Ó Gráda, edited by Djinn von Noorden.


In the 1790s a young artist decided to create a portrait of Dublin. James Malton’s timing was impeccable, as the second city of the British Empire, Dublin was at the height of her splendor within Europe. Malton successfully captured Dublin on the precipice of a long decline following the Act of Union in 1800 and the changes it brought upon the city and its inhabitants.


Malton died in obscurity at the age of thirty-eight, and little is now known of him. However, today we owe the very idea of Georgian Dublin to this remarkable artist and his famous series of twenty-five prints, A Picturesque and Descriptive View of the City of Dublin. His prints, including those of Trinity College, the Four Courts, the Custom House, St Patrick’s Cathedral and St Stephen’s Green, are admired by millions every year, and have become, as the Irish Times noted, ‘ubiquitous to the point of invisibility’.


With a playful commentary on each print from Trevor White, Director of the Little Museum of Dublin, and essays from distinguished historians including David Dickson and Kathryn Milligan, this book explores Malton’s life and times, and brings to life the social fabric of Dublin and the political and economic turmoil of the time, and the buildings and scenes he depicted.


Presented here in a beautiful hardback edition, Malton’s Views of Dublin will be an ideal gift for anyone wanting to have their own keepsake of this amazing series of prints and the Georgian city of Dublin they capture.


"James Malton was a man of mystery – we know very little about him – yet he left us the most handsome group portrait of Georgian Dublin. These pictures are the bare bones of a great Irish drawing room. In this new book we have showcased Malton's extraordinary achievement for a new generation." –Trevor White, November 2021.

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