Offences Handbook - 2019



Published Date: 12/12/2019
ISBN: 9780414073913
Jurisdiction: Ireland

The Offences Handbook 2019 is a fully indexed guide to the most up-to-date Criminal and Road Traffic offences extracted from Round Hall Consolidated Road Traffic Legislation and Goldberg, Consolidated Criminal Legislation looseleafs.

The handbook is set out in easy-to-use tabular format (in a portable paperback), which allows the user to quickly identify the relevant statute/statutory instrument, section number, offence and penalty with minimal navigation.It includes reference to, and amendments by, various recent Acts and non-textual amendments that affect penalties and fines across both areas of law and lists in excess of 1,000 offences. Each entry comprises the enabling provision, a description of the offence, and the most up to date penalty for the offence.

All relevant new and amended offences and their corresponding penalties since the 2016 edition have been incorporated to bring the handbook fully up to date.
This edition is fully revised to highlight provisions not yet commenced as well as those in force.

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