O'Hare & Browne: Civil Litigation 20th ed



ISBN13: 9780414089433

Published: August 2021

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd


This book explains how the Civil Procedure Rules work in practice. The book covers the entire spectrum of civil litigation providing a step-by-step guide through all stages of a civil action.


  • Provides a practical, comprehensive and detailed guide covering all areas of civil litigation in the High Court and County Court

  • Guides you through the procedure involved in any civil matter

  • Covers all stages of litigation in a logical sequence from pre-action to enforcement and appeals

  • Expert authors provide tactical and strategic advice, examples, tips and solutions

  • Cross-refers to the Civil Procedure Rules and the White Book


What’s new for the 20th edition:


New sections and fuller coverage of: online case management systems including CE-filing and MCOL; procedure under the RTA and EL/PL Protocols, including the new protocol for small RTA cases which is in force from 31 May 2021; use of remote hearings; post-Brexit amendments; amendments to the CPR; the disclosure pilot scheme; and ADR.

In more detail:

      • A revised Chapter 9 on proceedings under Parts 7 and 8 which gives fuller coverage of the multiple case management systems now in use in the High Court, County Court and the Business & Property Courts

      • A new Chapter 10 on procedure under the RTA and EL/PL Protocols, including the new protocol for small RTA cases which is in force from 31 May 2021.

      • Chapter 13 on interim applications includes updated coverage on current practice as to remote hearings (i.e. conducted by telephone or video)

      • Chapter 41 on enforcement of non-money judgments includes revised commentary on the new rules relating to the enforcement of orders for possession and contempt proceedings

      • Other new developments include: developments in expert evidence; the disclosure pilot scheme; security for costs and a cross-undertaking in damages; the widening influence of alternative dispute resolution; changes in Insolvency law including the Debt Respite Scheme, which came into force on 4 May 2021

      • Plus a wealth of new case law




Ch 1 Civil Litigation in Outline

Ch 2 Funding Civil Litigation

Ch 3 Interest

Ch 4 PI cases

Ch 5 Limitation of Actions

Ch 6 Preliminary Stages of Litigation

Ch 7 Parties to Actions

Ch 8 Service of Documents

Ch 9 Proceedings under Pt 7 and Pt 8

Ch 10 Procedure under the RTA and EL/PL Protocols

Ch 11 Cases with a Foreign Element

Ch 12 Drafting Statements of Case

Ch 13 Interim Applications

Ch 14 Drafting Applications, Skeleton Arguments, Witness Statements, Affidavits and Budgets

Ch 15 Default Judgment

Ch 16 Admissions & Requests for Time to Pay

Ch 17 Disposal Hearings

Ch 18 Counterclaims and other Additional Claims

Ch 19 Summary Judgment

Ch 20 Small Claims Track (Pt 27)

Ch 21 Fast Track (Pt 28)

Ch 22 Multi-Track (Pt 29)

Ch 23 Experts

Ch 24 Cases not governed by standard track allocation

Ch 25 Interim Payments

Ch 26 Security for Costs

Ch 27 Interim Injunctions

Ch 28 Change of Solicitors

Ch 29 Part 36 Offers to Settle

Ch 30 Disclosure and Inspection

Ch 31 Evidence

Ch 32 Judicial case management: general points

Ch 33 Judicial case management: particular points

Ch 34 Termination of an action by consent

Ch 35 Discontinuance

Ch 36 Preparations for trial

Ch 37 Trial

Ch 38 Costs payable by one party to another

Ch 39 Costs: Special Cases

Ch 40 Enforcement of Money Judgments

Ch 41 Enforcement of Other Judgments

Ch 42 Insolvency

Ch 43 Applications to set aside or vary orders

Ch 44 Appeals up to the Court of Appeal

Ch 45 Appeals to the UKSC

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