Parochialism, Cosmopolitanism, and the Foundations of International Law



Edited by: M.N.S. Sellers

Series: ASIL Studies in International Legal Theory

Format: Paperback / softback 304 pages

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Imprint: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107435896

Published: 21 Aug 2014


This book examines the boundary between parochial and cosmopolitan justice. Parochialism and cosmopolitanism are two faces of international law, which recognizes our common humanity by protecting us in our differences. Essays in this book ask to what extent law should recognize or support the political, historical, cultural and economic differences among nations.
Nine lawyers and philosophers from five continents consider whether certain states or persons deserve special treatment, exemptions or heightened duties under international law. Contributors draw the line between international law, national jurisdiction and the private autonomy of persons.

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