Police Custody in Ireland



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Yvonne Daly

ISBN13: 9781032469706
Published: March 2024
Publisher: Routledge
Format: Paperback

Police Custody in Ireland brings together experts from policing studies, law, criminology, and psychology, to critically examine contemporary police custody in Ireland, what we know about it, how it operates, how it is experienced, and how it might be improved.

This first-of-its-kind collection focuses exclusively on detention in Garda Síochána stations, critically examining it from human rights and best practice perspectives. It examines the physical environment of custody, police interview techniques, existing protections, rights, and entitlements, and experiences of specific communities in custody, such as children, ethnic minorities, non-English speakers, the Mincéir/Traveller community, and those with intellectual disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Police Custody in Ireland gives a snapshot of garda custody as it is now and makes important recommendations for necessary future improvements.

An accessible and compelling read, this book will be of interest to those engaged with policing and criminology, as well as related areas of interest such as human rights, youth justice and disability studies.



1. Introduction: Contextualising Police Custody in Ireland - Yvonne Daly
2.Setting a New Agenda: ‘Appreciating’ and Improving Garda Custody in Ireland - Layla Skinns
3.Vulnerability in Police Custody Roxanna Dehaghan 4.Trauma and Police Custody - Jane Mulcahy
5.From Interrogation to Investigative Interviewing of Suspects in Garda Custody - Dave Walsh and Ray Bull
6.Legal Assistance in Police Custody: An Irish Solution to Safeguarding Suspects - Yvonne Daly
7.Interpreters in Garda Station Interviews: Impacts and Realities - Gearóidín McEvoy
8.Behind Locked Doors: Is Oversight of Police Custody in Ireland Sufficient to Protect People from Ill Treatment? Doireann Ansbro
9.Mincéirs/Travellers in Garda Custody - Jennifer Schweppe, Amanda Haynes, and Sindy Joyce
10.Policing, Custody and Racialised Minorities in Ireland - Lucy Michael
11.Children’s Rights in Police Custody - Louise Forde and Ursula Kilkelly
12.People with Intellectual Disabilities as Accused Persons in the Irish Policing Interface- Alan Cusack, Gautam Gulati, Colum Dunne and Shane Kilcommins
13. Suspects with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Pre-Trial Investigative Interview - Lorraine Boran
14. Conclusion: The Future of Police Custody in Ireland - Yvonne Daly


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