Pre-emptive Remedies in Commercial Litigation



Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 19/07/2019
ISBN: 9780414061811
Jurisdiction: Ireland

Pre-emptive Remedies in Commercial Litigation provides a comprehensive guide to pre-trial remedies in Irish commercial litigation. It addresses a lacuna in current Irish legal titles and as such there is no competing work in print. Several of the remedies discussed within are already the individual subjects of legal titles however this work provides a one-stop, up-to-date point of reference for the busy legal practitioner.

This new title provides the practitioner with a comprehensive and definitive analysis of pre-emptive judicial remedies available in Ireland, from the perspectives of both plaintiff and defendant commercial litigants.

Key features:
*An easy-to-understand reference that provides you with invaluable analysis and interpretation
*Provides for the first time a comprehensive guide to all pre-emptive commercial litigation remedies available in Ireland
*Includes all important and up-to-date case law and legislation
*Demonstrates the steps to take at the pre-trial stage to ensure that successful litigants are not left without an effective remedy

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