Probation and Parole in Ireland: Law and Practice



Authors: Vivian Geiran, Shane McCarthy

ISBN13: 9781911611608 

Published: February 2022

 Publisher: Clarus Press 


 Probation and parole are two vital components of any criminal justice system. Practitioners working in both are responsible for the assessment and supervision of those members of society who have committed criminal offences and are subject to court-ordered penal sanction. Those working in probation and parole must bring a range of knowledge and skills to bear in their daily work: championing community safety and justice, promoting offender reintegration, and seeking to reduce offending and the harm it causes. All of that practice is in turn underpinned by law. Professional practice in probation and parole is also increasingly informed by research findings regarding ‘what works’ and indeed ‘who works.’



Probation and Parole in Ireland: Law and Practice is the first book to comprehensively describe and explain the underpinnings and workings of two key parts of the penal system—probation and parole. Drawing on the authors’ extensive experience of working in the criminal justice and penal systems, this book presents a clear description and analysis of the stages and components of probation and parole work.



This book summarises the relevant legislation and international standards, points to key case law and explores the development of research and practice in the area of probation and parole in Ireland, and related issues.



Probation and Parole in Ireland: Law and Practice is a key resource and required reading for all practitioners and students of probation, parole, criminology, law, social work, forensic psychology and penal policy.











History of Probation and Parole in Ireland



Offender Assessment



Probation Work



Community Service



Restorative Justice and Victims






Conditional Release and Other Post-Release Supervision



Children and Young People



Electronic Monitoring



Other Issues and Challenges



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