Property Legislation 2009 2011



Author : Ruth Cannon
Author : Aine Clancy
Author : Padraic Kenna
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 20/11/2012
ISBN: 9781858006994


Property Legislation Annotated 2009-2011 provides expert guidance through the raft of new property legislation introduced over the last few years.
It includes annotated commentary on the following Acts:
*Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009
*Housing and Miscellaneous (Provisions) Act 2009
*Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011
*Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011
The Acts are presented to you by means of section-by-section annotations providing clarity to the legislation. The annotations are extracted from Irish Current Law Statutes Annotated, the established source for high-quality commentary on Irish legislation.

About Irish Current Law Statutes Annotated
Irish Current Law Statutes Annotated (ICLSA) is a long established service that has been providing commentary on Irish Legislation since 1984. It is also available on
The Annotated Legislation Series from Round Hall is a series of titles that are offprinted from ICLSA and published in a handy book format which is convenient to bring to meetings and court.

Key Benefits
*Brings together all relevant material and saves you time searching for this material when you urgently need this information.
*Explains the law in a straightforward, user-friendly way.
*Provides references to relevant case law, books, articles and Da?l debates.

About the Authors
Ruth Cannon LL.B (Dub.), BCL (Oxon), BL is a practising barrister and lecturer-in-law in the Dublin Institute of Technology.
?ine Clancy is a solicitor with the Finance law team at Maples and Calder, Dublin.
Dr P?draic Kenna is a graduate of University of Warwick and lectures on law of real property and housing law and policy at NUI Galway.

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