Registration Of Deeds And Title In Ireland




By John Deeney

ISBN13: 9781780432281
Published: April 2014

Format: Hardback

A comprehensive book in relation to the registration of deeds and titles in Ireland. Given significant and wide-ranging recent developments such as the:-

Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006,
The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act of 2009,
The Civil Law Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2011,
electronic registration,
electronic conveyancing,
digitisation of the land registers and registry maps,
abolition of land and charge certificates,
registration of prescriptive easements and NAMA acquisition orders
to mention just a few, this title will be a must-have for anyone practising in the area.
Updated to the consolidated Land Registry Rules
Written by one of Ireland’s foremost authorities on the subject, dealing with everything from the historical background of registration to eConveyancing


  • Chapter 1: Brief Historical Background
  • Chapter 2: Registration of Deeds
  • Chapter 3: Registration of Title
  • Chapter 4: The Property Registration Authority
  • Chapter 5: Form and Contents of the Registers
  • Chapter 6: Conclusiveness of the Register
  • Chapter 7: General Requirements in Relation to Dealings with Registered Property
  • Chapter 8: Personal Applications
  • Chapter 9: Land Registration Fees
  • Chapter 10: Applications not in Order
  • Chapter 11: Notices
  • Chapter 12: The Land Registry Map
  • Chapter 13: Inspection of the Documents on which the Register is Based
  • Chapter 14: Transfers of Registered Land
  • Chapter 15: Family Home Protection Act and Family Law Act
  • Chapter 16: The Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010
  • Chapter 17: Devolution and Transmission of Registered Land
  • Chapter 18: Burdens
  • Chapter 19: Cancellation of Various Burdens and Notices
  • Chapter 20: Burdens Which Affect Registered Land Without Registration
  • Chapter 21: Charges
  • Chapter 22: Cancellation of Charges
  • Chapter 23: Judgment Mortgages
  • Chapter 24: Lis Pendens
  • Chapter 25: Defeasance of Estate of Registered Owner
  • Chapter 26: Persons Under Disability
  • Chapter 27: Trusts and Settlements
  • Chapter 28: First Registration of Ownership
  • Chapter 29: Completion of the Irish Land Register
  • Chapter 30: Classes of Title
  • Chapter 31: Conversion of Registered Title
  • Chapter 32: Leases
  • Chapter 33: Leasehold Enfranchisement
  • Chapter 34: Registration of Vesting Certificates
  • Chapter 35: Cautions Against First Registration
  • Chapter 36: Cautions Against Registration of Dispositions
  • Chapter 37: Inhibitions
  • Chapter 38: Priority of Certain Applications for Registration
  • Chapter 39: Registration of Incorporeal Hereditaments
  • Chapter 40: Registration of Easements and Profits À Prendre Acquired by Prescription
  • Chapter 41: Adverse Possession in Relation to Registered Land
  • Chapter 42: The State Guarantee, Rectification of the Register and Compensation
  • Chapter 43: NAMA Applications for Registration
  • Chapter 44: Lakes
  • Chapter 45: Records of Title (Ireland) Act 1865
  • Chapter 46: Abolition of Land Certificates and Charge Certificates
  • Chapter 47: Electronic Conveyancing and Electronic Registration
  • Chapter 48: Fraud and the Land Register
  • Chapter 49: The Irish Language and the Land Register
  • Chapter 50: Registration of Title: Duties and Powers of the Authority
  • Chapter 51: The Registration of Deeds and Title Rules Committee
  • Chapter 52: Land Registry Matters and the Court
  • Chapter 53: Local Authority Registrations
  • Chapter 54: The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009
  • Chapter 55: International Initiatives
  • Chapter 56: Future Developments

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