Shackleton on The Law and Practice of Meetings



16th Edition
ISBN:  9780414114197
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
General Editors: Madeleine Cordes; John Pugh-Smith; Tom Tabori
Publication Date:  25 Sep 2023

Shackleton on the Law and Practice of Meetings is a leading resource on the law and practice of company, charity and public sector meetings. It provides a complete statement of the law with detailed practical guidance on how to prepare, conduct and close a meeting essential to the every-day practice of legal professionals, company secretaries, administrators and clerks, directors, local authorities and all other organisations that hold formal meetings.


Discusses the legal implications of public and private meetings
Addresses the practical issues to be aware of when organising and managing meetings
Deals with specific forms of meeting such as board, committee, shareholder and public sector meetings
Explains different types of resolution and how these are passed in the context of meetings
Provides a guide as how to maintain good order and ensure fairness at meetings
Directs the reader to the appropriate statutory requirements under the Companies Act 2006 and other relevant legislation
Covers meetings of the various forms of charitable organisations
Considers the principles of natural justice and public sector equality duty and their outworkings in the context of information access and attendance at real and on-line meetings accessible by the general public
Provides ‘worked’ practice examples and checklists for company meetings
Looks at the powers, duties and roles of directors in the context of meetings
Provides guidance on the conduct of all tiers of local government meetings
Explains how to access information
What’s New

This new edition takes account of new legislation (Public Order Act 2023, Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021; Charities Act 2022) as well as important new cases on the increased requirements for access to public information as well as in the field of meetings in insolvency situations. It also reflects the changes to the conduct of meetings post-Covid.

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