Social Networking, Law, Rights & Policy

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Editor: Paul Lambert
ISBN: 9781905536559
Format: Paper Back
Publication Date: 10 April 2014

“exhaustive and informative … timely, welcome and significant contribution … will inform the debate as to how these serious issues can be addressed by social and legislative initiatives.”
Professor David Bainbridge
Author of Information Technology & Intellectual Property Law 6th ed
Social networking is wonderful yet staggering. In a short space of time user populations greater than the populations of nation states have joined social networks. One social networking website and one related website each report amassing over 1 billion regular users.
Yet, the legal and other issues involved with social networking and related websites are getting as many media headlines as the technologies themselves. Some of these are similar to established legal issues, however, with increasing frequency, the issues are entirely new.
In addition, the scale of the issues are at a level unprecedented in collective memory.
If that was not enough, the pace of the legal and other issues which must be considered, and more importantly the pace and urgency with which they must be dealt with, add significant temporal pressures.
It is timely and appropriate for a legal book which seeks to outline the new law and issues relating to social networking.
It also sets these developments in the context of social networking but also related websites and the wider developments of Web 2.0 second generation internet.
The growing law and issues of, and created by, social networking and related websites involve real and diverse concerns for policy. The concerns face the website operators, users, parents, schools, universities, employers, organisations, outsource organisations, the police, lawyers, courts, rights organisations and policymakers.
Just some examples of the social networking issues include: …
internet; internet and technology; new second generation internet activities; describing social networking; definitions; categories of social networking; concerns and risks; online abuse; suicide; data theft and identity theft; misuse, marketing, direct marketing; targeted behavioural marketing; tracking; sensitive personal data online; privacy and data protection; a new era for privacy; the EU Article 29 Working Party Opinions on Social Networking, Search Engines and the Future of Privacy; policies; terms & conditions; privacy statements; small print; too much data; data minimisation; technical privacy settings; consent; transparency; default settings; unilateral changes; retention periods; are Privacy Statements successful?; security; tagging; facial recognition; user awareness; policy changes; advertising; Facebook Beacon; personal data after leaving; borders; advertising and targeted behavioural marketing; Facebook and the Beacon settlement; Phorm; data breaches; trust and security; evidential issues 2.0; Cloud computing; employees; education; employer liability issues; viruses, etc.; bandwidth and resources; defamation; employee profiles; telecommuting; employees and Blogs; harassment; civil remedies in courts for users; employee monitoring; public organisations and information published; existing employees; potential employees; using social networking for business; education; policy on social networks; fan pages; spoilation changes; archives; social networking and educational institutions; personal relations and personal data; stalking, harassment, bullying, grooming; cases and laws; relationships fall foul of social networking; social sexting; texting; social networking, employees and data protection; employee monitoring; employee problems; telecommuting; employee defamation; employee Blogs; public organisations and information published; private employees; existing employees; potential employees; bandwidth; harassment; employee and employer liability issues; social networking and educational institutions; social networking personal relations 2.0; relationship fall foul of social networking; stalking and harassment; bullying; sexting; texting; social networking after death; what happens social media profiles of the deceased?; children and social networking; social networking and internet access issues; social networking, Peer to Peer (P2P) and privacy; user generated content (UGC) and copyright; social networking and sport; social networking, courts, witnesses, jurors, etc.; data protection and Privacy by Design (PbD/DPbD); Facebook’s Irish Audit; law, policy, policymakers, parents, schools, victims of online abuse; data protection: the future.
Social networking and related websites present victims, lawyers, parents, society and policy
makers with the most pressing legal issues today … and more issues and concerns than occur in any other field of contemporary law.
“This formidable volume by a thought leader and expert contributors tackles the vital issues surrounding one of the most ubiquitous social trends of our times. I applaud its focus on the importance of privacy and the need for Privacy by Design in social networking systems.”
Ann Cavoukian PhD
Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada;
World’s Privacy by Design (PbD) Expert
“Social networking, data protection, privacy and online safety are increasingly important. This excellent book grapples with these new and sometimes complex concerns.”
Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP
Member European Parliament ;
Member Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs; LIBE Data Protection Report Rapporteur
“exhaustive and informative … timely, welcome and significant contribution … will inform the debate as to how these serious issues can be addressed by social and legislative initiatives.”
Professor David Bainbridge
Author of Information Technology & Intellectual Property Law 6th ed
“a clear and comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the … issues presented by social networking.”
TJ McIntyre
Lecturer & Associate Dean, Sutherland Law School UCD; Chairman, Digital Rights Ireland
“excellent … address[es] the wide range of issues that result from the tensions between innovation, freedom … right to be left alone … social networking and education, children, sports people, evidence, employers and the administration of justice. I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep abreast of this challenging area.”
Rónán Kennedy, 
Law Lecturer & Director Law, Technology & Governance LLM, National University of Ireland Galway
“A valuable introduction to … the new issues that arise with the social web.”
Adrian Weckler
Tech Editor, Independent Newspapers
About the Editor and Contributors
Expert contributors from industry and practice located in the US and throughout Europe. Editor Paul Lambert is Solicitor at Merrion Legal, Lecturer at NUIG, PhD candidate at TCD and author of Data Protection Law in Ireland: Sources and Issues (Clarus Press, 2013) and texts on UK Data Protection Law and courtroom broadcasting.

Contents include:
Social Networking Websites Sample Statistics of Social Networking Abbreviations and Meanings
PART I: Introduction
Chapter 1: Introduction
PART II: Internet and Social Networking
Chapter 2: Internet and Technology
Chapter 3: Concerns
Chapter 4: Privacy and Data Protection
Chapter 5: Early to Current Data Protection
Chapter 6: Interim Data Protection
PART III: Social Networks
Chapter 7: User Generated Content
Chapter 8: Social Networking Policies
Chapter 9: Advertising and Marketing
Chapter 10: Beacon Settlement
Chapter 11: Europe Against Facebook
Chapter 12: Facebook Audit
Chapter 13: Laws ‘Re- Phormed’?
Chapter 14: Data Breaches
Chapter 15: Tagging
PART IV: Social Networking and Evidential Issues
Chapter 16: Evidential Issues
Chapter 17: Cloud Computing
PART V: Employees and Education
Chapter 18: Employees
Chapter 19: Educational Institutions
PART VI: Personal Issues
Chapter 20: Tracking the Trackers
Chapter 21: Personal Relations
Chapter 22: Social Networking After Death
Chapter 23: Profiles in Purgatory
Chapter 24: A Critical Approach to Right To Be Forgotten
PART VII: Children and Social Networking
Chapter 25: Children on Social Networking
Chapter 26: An Irish Perspective
PART VIII Social Networking and Internet Access
Chapter 27: Social Networking and Internet Access
PART IX: Social Networking, Peer to Peer and Privacy
Chapter 28: Social Networking, Peer to Peer and Privacy
PART X: Social Networking and Sport
Chapter 29: Social Networking and Sport
Chapter 30: Soccer Players on Social Media
PART XI: Social Networking and Courts
Chapter 31: Social Networking and Courts
PART XII: Data Protection: the Future
Chapter 32: Privacy by Design
Chapter 33: Data Protection Audits
Chapter 34: The Future

Who should buy this book?
Lawyers specialising in IP, company law, employment law, tort, family, sports, data protection, etc. Compliance personnel, HR, IT , legal academics, students, librarians and any one interested in social media and internet law. Schools, educators, parents, organisations dealing with online abuse, sports organisations and policy makers, etc.

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