Succession Law



Author: Christopher Lehane



Expected Publishing date: 10-02-2022



Format: Hardback



ISBN: 9781526522245




Succession law is the law governing the devolution of property on the death of its owner. This new book provides peerless analysis of this branch of law with extensive cross-referencing to related issues such as tax, conveyancing, family law, enduring powers of attorney, limitation of actions, estate accounts, private international law and trusts.



It provides the reader with in-depth coverage of key Irish judgments, statutes, court rule provisions and Court and Probate Officer practice directions. The coverage is supplemented with Court Rule prescribed forms and many non-prescribed drafted forms, titles to grants of representation and checklists, which all readers will find invaluable aids to understanding and applying succession law in practice.



This highly practical book includes a chapter on will drafting and estate planning and provides 10 precedent templates covering most testator requirements:




The book's appendices, too, contain a wealth of practical information such as:




* Draft precedent titles for grants of representation.



*Template proceedings, wills, forms and letters.



*Practitioner, testator and legal personal representative checklists.



*Unique genealogical kinship tracing diagram and table.



*Probate system process maps.



* Superior Court, Land Registry and Registry of Deed Rules and forms.



* Non-prescribed Forms.



* Sample High Court contentious probate summonses.



* Law Society guidelines for solicitors drafting wills and dealing with vulnerable clients.



* Practitioner guidance on costs.








CHAPTER 1 - Succession legislation and Court Rules



CHAPTER 2 - Wills
CHAPTER 3 - Intestacy
CHAPTER 4 - Legal Personal Representatives: Executors and Administrators
CHAPTER 5 - Grants of Representation
CHAPTER 6 - Probate Office and District Probate Registry Proceedings
CHAPTER 7 - Court Proceedings in Probate matters
CHAPTER 8 - Spouse and Children Rights against Disinheritance and related matters



CHAPTER 9 - Law relating to Legacies, Bequests and Devises
CHAPTER 10 - Administration of Assets
CHAPTER 11 - Tax
CHAPTER 12 - Trusts
CHAPTER 13 - Registering Title on death
CHAPTER 14 - Wills and estate planning
CHAPTER 15 - Conflict of Laws
CHAPTER 16 - Limitation of Actions
CHAPTER 17 - Enduring powers of attorney
CHAPTER 18 - Administration Accounts







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