The Agricultural Law of the EU, Second Edition



By: Rene Barents

ISBN: 9789403544113

Published:13 May 2022

2nd edition


European Monographs Series, Volume 9


About this book:


The Agricultural Law of the EU, currently in its second edition, is an updated version of the distinguished work on European Union (EU) agricultural law, and it lays emphasis on the radical changes that have brought about the progressive development of the common agricultural policy to embrace the food chain as a whole. Albeit the new edition retains the same objective and methodology, the author presents a fresh overview of the field as it now exists, including the impact of the latest reform measures up to 2021 and their ramifications for the future.


What’s in this book:


Imparting in-depth awareness of the multifunctional character of agriculture today – its importance for environmental protection, preservation of biodiversity, public health, mitigation of climate change and rural development, as well as its international obligations – the book furnishes exceptional insight and clarifications on the following key legal details:


-       analysis of the Green Deal, the Farm to Fork Strategy, and the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030;

-       extensive treatment of the TFEU provisions on agriculture and the impact of international legal instruments;

-       clear and easily accessible treatment of the legislation on market and price policy, competition, and the agri-food chain;

-       thorough analysis of administrative law aspects, in particular, the rights and obligations of operators in the framework of numerous subsidy arrangements and related topics such as sanctions and force majeure; and

-       in-depth treatment of the importance of the general principles of EU law for legal protection.


How this will help you:


Considering that approximately one-third of the EU’s budget is spent on agriculture – and that European legislation on agriculture is complex and sizable and case law is abounding – this well-structured and coherent elucidation will prove to be invaluable to any practitioner dealing with a case involving agriculture anywhere in the EU. The author’s reflections on the meaning and significance of EU agricultural law will be highly appreciated by academics aware of the growing intricacy of the field.


Table Of Contents:


List of Abbreviations


Chapter 1 Agriculture and Fisheries in EU Law

Chapter 2 Legal History of the Common Agricultural Policy

Chapter 3 Scope of the Common Agricultural Policy

Chapter 4 Objectives of the Common Agricultural Policy

Chapter 5 Institutional Aspects of the Common Agricultural Policy

Chapter 6 Common Organisation of the Markets

Chapter 7 Competition

Chapter 8 WTO Rules on Agriculture

Chapter 9 Market Regulatory Measures

Chapter 10 Agri-Food Chain Law

Chapter 11 Single Common Market Organisation

Chapter 12 Cap Strategic Plan Regulation

Chapter 13 Financing, Management and Monitoring Regulation

Chapter 14 Application of Amounts

Chapter 15 Sanctions and Penalties

Chapter 16 Force Majeure

Chapter 17 Common Agricultural Policy and General Principles of Union Law

Chapter 18 EU Agricultural Law: Some Reflections


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