The Civil Liability Acts. 5th Edition


The Civil Liability Acts

Author : Anthony Kerr

Publication Date: 27/10/2017

ISBN: 9780414065604

The Civil Liability Acts is a handy paperback that consolidates and annotates the Civil Liability Act 1961 and the Civil Liability (Amendment) Act 1964.
New to this edition:

All sections of the Acts have been reviewed and updated to incorporate the many judicial developments such as:

*Courtney v Our Ladys Hospital [2011] IEHC 236 (s.48)
*Tevlin v McArdle [2014] IEHC 436 (s. 34)
*Greene v Triangle Developments Ltd [2015] IECA 429 (s.27)
*Doyle v Dunne [2016] IESC 68 (s.7)
*Kieran v Dublin Port Company [2016] IEHC 603 (s.46)
*Hickey v McGowan [2017] IESC 6 (s.35)
*Cafolla v OReilly [2017] IESC 17 (ss. 16 and 17)

Section 48 is also updated by reference to S.I. No. 6 of 2014.