The History of Marriage Equality in Ireland: A Social Revolution Begins



The History of Marriage Equality in Ireland: A Social Revolution Begins
Sonja Tiernan

ISBN13: 9781526145994
To be Published: March 2020
Publisher: Manchester University Press
Format: Hardback

Ireland is the first country in the world to extend civil marriage to same sex couples through a public vote. The book functions as a concise historical record of this momentous occasion from the establishment of an organised gay rights movement through to the ultimate referendum on marriage equality. The overwhelming positive result in the referendum marked a clear separation of church and State for possibly the first time. The yes equality campaign was so unique in style that it has spawned a social revolution, witnessed most recently with the legalisation of abortion and a less punitive regime for obtaining a divorce.

This book will appeal to those with an interest in political campaigning and structures and scholars of equality and broader social justice issues. The foreword is written by human rights activist and Senator, Ivana Bacik

Marriage Equality across the globe
Chronology of key events surrounding Irish Marriage Equality Campaign
1. Irish Historical and Global Context
2. The Path to the High Court
3. Civil Partnership Bills
4. Marriage Equality a New Direction
5. Political Lobbying, the Media & Influencing Public Opinion
6. Meeting the Challenges of the Twenty First Century
7. Preparing for a Revolution
8. Yes Equality
9. The Campaign in Action
10. The Final Hurdles
11. The Referendum
Afterword: Future Directions

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