The Law of Defamation 2nd edition



Author : John Maher
Publisher: Round Hall
Pub Date: 27/02/2019
ISBN: 9780414061712
Jurisdiction: Ireland

The new edition of The Law of Defamation will provide practitioners and media professionals with the latest significant case law, along with a comprehensive but straightforward analysis of the developing law of libel in Ireland. All chapters have been revised and rewritten to incorporate recent developments.

The new edition features the significant Irish cases of recent years, including:
Lennon v HSE [2015] concerning the right to a jury
Christie v TV3 [2015] on the effect of an offer of amends
Leech v Independent Newspapers [2014] on calculating upper level damages
O?Brien v RT? [2015] on injunctions and parliamentary privilege
Meegan v Times Newspapers [2015] on discovery of journalists? notes
Philpott v Irish Examiner [2016] on court reporting privilege
Watson v MGN [2016] on delays and limitation periods
McDonagh v Sunday Newspapers [2016] on appealing quantum of damages

It also deals with the influential cases emanating from the European Court of Human Rights and from other jurisdictions, including:
Delfi AS v Estonia [2015], the key ECHR ruling on internet comments
Google Spain v Costeja Gonzalez [2014] the European Court of Justice case on the ?right to be forgotten? on the internet
McAlpine v Bercow [2013] on libel by emoji in a tweet

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