The Law of Evidence in Ireland



Author: Caroline Fennell

Publishing: 18-02-2020

Format: Paperback

Edition: 4th

ISBN: 9781526504890


This the fourth edition gives an up-to-date account of the law of evidence in Ireland.

The text is of interest to all those working in the Irish legal system, the criminal legal system in particular as well as to policy makers and those studying more general issues related to matters of trial, adjudication and fact-finding in various contexts.

It explores the development of a particular Irish dimension to evidence scholarship, which is based on constitutional notions of fairness. In light of the incorporation of the ECHR, this must continue to be influential in this and possibly other jurisdictions. The phenomenon of the Special Criminal Court is considered and in the Criminal Justice (Forensic Evidence and DNA Database System) Act 2014 is also considered in detail.


Table Of Contents


1 Rules of Evidence

2 The Constitutionalism of the Irish Criminal Process

3 Basic Concepts of the Law of Evidence

4 Illegally Obtained Evidence

5 Witness System: Competence and Compellability

6 Witness System: Corroboration

7 Opinion Evidence

8 Privilege

9 The Rule against Hearsay

10 Similar Fact Evidence

11 Cross-Examination of the Accused

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