The Law Of Defamation



Law of Defamation 1st Edition
Author : John Maher
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 22/11/2011

ISBN: 9781858006376

Defamation law has always been a major concern for publishers and the traditional media, but now its effects are being felt on a much wider scale. The growth of social
media and use of the internet has changed the way we communicate, but also created new issues. Anyone who posts information or a comment online now has the capacity
to create an instant and widespread defamatory statement, which can be real
anywhere around the world.

This first and timely edition of The Law of Defamation is a comprehensive narrative
text on the law of defamation. It includes full coverage of the Defamation Act 2009,
which came into force last year and which introduced a number of substantive and
procedural reforms. It provides a clear explanation of the innovations in the Act and of
the new and amended remedies and defences provided for.
It also looks at emerging law on key issues such as the assessment of damages,
modern media practice, and responsibility for publication in the internet era.

* Consideration of how the new Act is being interpreted by the courts
* Analysis of developments in relation to the assessment of damages, including the specific factors to be considered by a court; the guidance that may be given to a jury; and the power of the Supreme Court to make its own assessment
* Examination of the latest case law
* Relevant European judgments and the influence of developments in other jurisdictions
* Assessment of the impact of the pace of change in electronic media on trends in
defamation law

John Maher BL is a practising barrister and a former News Editor and Opinion Editor at the Irish Times.

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