The Modern Family Relationships And The Law



Tim Bracken

ISBN13: 9781905536894
Published: November 2016
Publisher: Clarus Press
Country of Publication: Ireland
Format: Paperback

The Modern Family: Relationships and the Law seeks to set out and explain the law as it relates to all families and the relationship between its different members.

The definition of the family in Ireland has changed enormously in the past generation. Recently there has been ground changing legislation which has helped redefine the changing legal definition of what constitutes a family.

For example, the Marriage Act 2015 which recognises full legal marriage between two persons of the same sex. The Children and Family Relationships Act 2015, gives full legal recognition to children born as a result of IVF and their parents, who may not be the biological parents. The Gender Recognition Act 2015 allows transgendered persons to register their preferred gender and recognises a marriage of a transgendered person subsequent to their change of gender. Furthermore, the law recognises persons who live as a couple, with or without children, who are not married.

The Modern Family: Relationships and the Law explains the rights and obligations of the modern Irish family. Issues such as taxation, children, relationship breakdown, rights of cohabitants, succession, IVF and court procedures are addressed. A useful ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ is also included.


Chapter 1: Introduction/The Family
Chapter 2: Marriage
Chapter 3: Civil Partnership
Chapter 4: Cohabitants
Chapter 5: Court Procedures
Chapter 6: Children
Chapter 7: Succession
Chapter 8: Donor Assisted Human Reproduction
Chapter 9: Assisted/Joint Decision Making
Chapter 10: Advance Healthcare Directives
Chapter 11: Powers of Attorney
Chapter 12: Frequently Asked Questions

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