The Probate Handbook


Published May 2011

Authors: Tim Bracken and Margaret Campbell

The Probate Handbook is an authoritative guide to all probate matters that arise in Irish law providing quick solutions and guidelines to various procedures which may arise.
Probate practice is not confined to the administration of estates of deceased persons. It also encompasses the drafting of Wills, advising on Capital Acquisitions Tax and dealing with Court Applications and
Proceedings against estates under the Succession Act or matters of a testamentary nature.
The Probate Handbook seeks to guide the legal practitioner through the pitfalls encountered when drafting a Will.
The book also gives an overview of:
various Court applications, both contentious and non-contentious which may be necessary;
Capital Acquisitions Tax and the main points which may arise in the administration of the estate and also in relation to discretionary trusts.
This book is a must for all Irish legal practitioners dealing with probate related matters and will be of great interest to anyone wishing to learn more about probate practice
About the Authors
Margaret Campbell is a practising solicitor and Tim Bracken is a practising barrister.
Contents include:
Grants of Representation and
Administration of Estates
Court Application
Section 117 of the Succession Act 1965
Legal Right Share
Time Limits in Probate Matters
Discretionary Trusts
Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT)
History of Circuit Court Jurisdiction
Probate Actions
Forms and Notices