The Industrial Relations Act

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Author : Anthony Kerr
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 30/12/2010
ISBN: 9781858006154
Jurisdiction: Ireland

The Industrial Relations Act 1990, which was enacted on July 18, 1990, involved the most far reaching changes in Irish labour law since the 1940s. The Act repealed the Trade Disputes Act 1906 in its entirety and re-enacted its provisions with significant amendments, in particular in relation to picketing.

The Act also introduced a balloting requirement and imposed certain limitations on the Superior Courts? ability to grant injunctive relief. In addition, the Act established The Labour Relations Commission, charged with the general responsibility for promoting the improvement of industrial relations, and recalibrated the role of The Labour Court.

Conference held at UCD to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of The 1990 Act. This publication is a collection of papers delivered on 16th July and 17th July, 2010 at a high level conference which took place at UCD assessing the impact of the Act over the last 20 years from the perspective of the Institutions, the Social Partners and lawyers.

Compilation of Papers ? Available November 2010
This new title The Industrial Relations Act 1990 ? 20 Years On is a collection of the expert papers that were delivered on the day.

*Get expert opinion from key Industrial Relations players.
*Get views from different perspectives:
Government ministers ? then and now ?employers; trade unions and the approach taken by the Courts.
*Understand how industrial relations law has evolved over the last 20 years.

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