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Walsh on Criminal Procedure
Author : Professor Dermot Walsh
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 07/11/2016
ISBN: 9780414035041
Jurisdiction: Ireland

Walsh on Criminal Procedure is a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of criminal procedure from police powers of investigation right through to post-sentencing processes. The second edition responds to recent developments by offering a comprehensive, expert and accessible analysis of all aspects of Irish criminal procedure. A consistent theme throughout is an emphasis on comprehensive detail and clarity with the needs of both prosecution and defence in mind.

New to this Edition

* Nine new chapters, including: Basic principles and values; Criminal justice institutions; Jurisdiction; Surveillance; Initiation of criminal proceedings; and District Court proceedings and trial.
* Major expansion of the chapter on Sentencing to incorporate the increase in range of: direct sentencing options and requirements; ancillary sentencing options; post-sentencing orders; and forfeiture and confiscation
* Major expansion of the chapter on ?Appeals? to include the range of options for the DPP to challenge acquittals
* Major expansion of chapters on Garda powers and procedures to include increase in range and substance of Garda powers on: detention; encroaching on right to silence; accessing evidence; retaining print and DNA evidence; and stop and search
* Expansion of bail chapter to include: further restrictions; disclosure obligations, and monitoring
* Expansion of trial evidence chapter to include developments on: admissibility of witness statements; admissibility of Garda opinion evidence; presumptions; admissibility of electronically recorded evidence; advance disclosure of expert evidence; and disposal of property to be used as evidence
* Coverage of investigative and law enforcement powers of a wider range of agencies, including: Revenue Commissioners, Immigration officers, social welfare officers and fisheries officers.
* More substantive treatment of relevant jurisprudence from the European Court of Human Rights

About the Author
Professor Dermot Walsh LLB, PhD, MRIA, Barrister-at-Law is a lecturer at Kent Law School at the University of Kent. He specialises in Policing and Criminal Justice; Criminal Procedure; Human Rights; European Criminal Law and Procedure. He is also the author of Juvenile Justice (Thomson Reuters Round Hall, 2005)

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