Woods on Liquor Licensing Laws 5th Edition

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By: Nicola-Jane Andrews and James Woods

Published: 04/2025
Format: Hardback
Edition: 5th
Extent: 752
ISBN: 9781526511591

About Woods on Liquor Licensing Laws
Licensing applications account for 12% of all matters that come before the District Court. The licensing code, as it is generally called, embraces a multitude of provision contained in the Licensing Acts, statutes dealing with the Revenue Commissioners, illicit distillation and the registration of clubs. Anomalies abound throughout the patchwork of statutes which constitute this code. In the first decade of this century, five intoxicating liquor Acts have added their own complexities to the code and the relevant provisions of these Acts have been incorporated into previous editions of the book.

The layout of the book makes each topic easily accessible. It sets out in detail the practice and procedure requirements relating to an application for a certificate leading to the issue of an intoxicating liquor licence before the Court. There is also a "proofs" checklist section to assist practitioners when bringing applications before the Court. All updated statutory requirements are set out along with the relevant court rules which must be followed. There is an extensive precedents section and a section dealing with the grant of licences that do not require a Court certificate, which includes practical information to assist practitioners in advising clients on the character and nature of such licences and Revenue requirements leading to the grant of same.

Table Of Contents
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Part I General Provisions relating to the Licence, the Licence Holder and Premises Licensed for Retail Sale of Intoxicating Liquor

Part II Jurisdiction, Court Practice and Procedure under the Licensing Acts generally

Part III Exemption Orders, Occasional Licences

Part IV Entertainments on Licensed Premises

Part V Licensed Restaurants

Part VI Renewal and Transfer of Licenses

Part VII Grant of Certificates for New Off-Licences by District Court

Part VIII Grant of Licences for Public Houses

Part IX Grant and Operation of Licences for Certain Premises, Institutions, Vehicles, Vessels without Court Certificates

Part XI Clubs


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